Pearson Management Consultants — welcome to my website!

Growth Coach & Business Transformation Specialist in Cheshire & North Wales

Trading as Pearson Management Consultants I, Bill Pearson, am an accredited and experienced Growth Coach and Business Transformation Specialist. I help SMEs in Cheshire and North Wales with hands on, thoughtful execution, of well designed change initiatives focused on profit improvement. I attentively and persistently ensure the specified result is achieved while mitigating the inherent risks. Engagements can be interim, as a management consultant, coaching or more ‘Chairman like’ in approach depending on the need.

My mission – ‘to ensure clients achieve their desired change’

Sound, business principles are applied. The appropriate mix of leadership, coaching, mentoring, consultancy, analyst or hands-on assistance is provided. I call this ‘Leading from the Back’©. The Resources area of the website contains several articles that capture my experience.

Executives, Investors, Senior management or Owner Managers tend to be the focus.  You can read more about Bill or contact me here

‘Leading from the Back’ ©

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