4th Anniversary, Business Transformation

4th anniversary business transformation

May 2020 marked the 4th anniversary as a business. It has been a busy and fun few years. The last financial year was on track to be the best yet after an investment in promoting the business 12 months ago; and then COVID arrived.

Multi-million Pound Manufacturer Transformation

In the last update in December a project had just started to review a business’s plans for transformational change and to set them on a more certain path. Following this review we were appointed to manage the programme in January.

The scope is to close three UK factories and relocate production to a refurbished, brown-field factory with much new machinery in The Midlands, recruit a new team, to merge the legal entities, to implement a single IT system and to manage the redundancy process and exiting of the legacy sites.

The cost is many tens of millions. It is an International project encompassing the US and Europe when considering the sponsors and machinery suppliers. The business is in a highly regulated sector and it needs to achieve a high-level of certification for its key customer accounts so extreme diligence is being applied to all aspects of its design and creation.


A planning meeting in January attended by about 25 people laid out the path that will conclude in October 2020. It also flagged many issues that needed to be better understood. In June the transformation is 90% on track and the key milestones are all being met. A weekly reporting and review process was established coupled with a bi-weekly review with the sponsors. This quickly began to run as a slick process for cross-functional and cross-workstream co-ordination. It has developed into a Microsoft Teams call attended by 40 people which we lead.

Risk Management

At the outset a risk management plan was established for the programme and when COVID arrived it proved an invaluable tool to assess the possible impact of it: the last few months have seen much innovation and work-arounds as we have sought to minimise the impact of COVID.

Over the next few months production will progressively go live and by the end of October the scope will have been delivered.

Pearson Management Consultants Support

Our type of support requires an experienced professional that can draw on a range of experiences and tools. The above project required an intense burst of support at the start but now it is part-time – and remote !

Listening to clients, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and developing an approach that is customised to this complex blend of factors ensures value for money but most importantly the design of an intervention that helps rather than hinders progress.

My abilities have been borne from three decades of supporting change in hundreds of situations. I seek to “guide your business to a better outcome” and I am highly skilled at it – never failing to add-value, give a different perspective and put you on a route that you agree with.

Try me 07387 159676 / bill@pearsonmc.uk

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