Bill Pearson

I am an accredited and experienced ‘Growth Coach’ who achieves results by ‘Leading from the Back’©. I am arguably one of the most experienced, International practitioners of action oriented, results focused business transformation, change management and improvement techniques. My work over three decades in multiple countries, cultures and sectors coaching small, medium and large enterprises has resulted in growth and positive impacts on all of the businesses and individuals I have touched.

My style is engaging, yet persuasive, and seems to win followers quickly wherever I work. It always leads to action. No matter what the style, culture or local ‘traditions’ [I have learnt three languages along the way] I adapt without going native, leveraging the skills and experience of ‘local’ staff in a challenging yet supportive manner in the pursuit of the mutually agreed performance goals. It is the action they take under my guidance that transforms their situation.

I am passionate about aligning managers and the staff on the most important issues and helping them to systematically transform their situation ‘from A to B’ – understanding A and defining B makes plotting the route so much easier. I thrive on transferring my skills. Seeing a disparate group of people come together, learn to work effectively, take effective action, master the management of change and exceed their own expectations of themselves is for me, ‘success’, because it creates sustainable growth and true transformation. I call this ‘Leading from the Back’©.

One client in the past called me ‘the doctor’. “You work in our business, understand it and us, diagnose our failings and provide the right medicine in the right manner”. A doctor cares for his or her patients and I care about my clients – but I cannot compare myself to that worthy profession, I have a son who is a doctor and listening to him pales my work into insignificance. But the analogy of business doctor is not misplaced.

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I am passionate about helping businesses succeed, whether that be helping them through difficult times such as changes within the business, or helping a business identify barriers to growth and helping them overcome this. My style is very ‘hands on’, engaging and importantly, adaptable. I have developed a professional, confident and somewhat persuasive approach to improvement.

I have worked in private and public businesses in the UK and Australia, observing and experiencing the issues they face. I was struck by the difficulties they had finding lasting solutions, which hinders growth and performance. I instinctively streamlined and implemented changes in all of the places I have worked in, such as changes to business processes and procedures saving the business time, money and increasing efficiency. This sparked my interest in Management Consulting and specifically, Change Management, and prompted me to learn more about bringing meaningful change to business.

To further develop in the consulting field, I completed an MSc in international business strategy (2017) at Linnaeus University, Sweden, and I am currently studying towards PRINCE 2 & Managing Successful Programmes under Bill’s guidance.

As a Business Consultant I am now developing a portfolio by partnering with Pearson Management Consultants on upcoming projects. I am very excited to work with Bill to gain valuable insights and lessons from him that I can inject into future projects. My first project, to improve profitability at a food retailer started in my first month initially with a clear steer from Bill who let me then use my creativity and skills to develop ideas and proposals. Much of the company’s work is in North Wales and as a local and native Welsh speaker I can bring my skills to bear in a manner that suits the culture.

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