About Bill

Bill is an accredited and experienced ‘Growth Coach’ that achieves results by ‘Leading from the Back’©.  He is arguably one of the most experienced, International practitioners of results focused business transformation, change management and improvement techniques. His work over three decades in multiple countries, cultures and sectors coaching small, medium and large enterprises has resulted in growth and positive impacts on all of the businesses and individuals he has touched.

His engaging yet persuasive style wins followers quickly wherever he works. No matter what the style, culture or local ‘traditions’ [he has learnt three languages along the way] he adapts without going native and leverages the skills and experience of ‘local’ staff in a challenging yet supportive manner in the pursuit of the agreed performance goals.

He is passionate about aligning managers and staff on the most important issues and helping them to systematically transform their situation ‘from A to B’ – understanding A and defining B makes plotting the route so much easier. He thrives on transferring his skills. Seeing a disparate group of people come together, learn to work effectively, master the management of change and exceed their own expectations of themselves is for him ‘success’, because it creates sustainable growth and true transformation. He calls this ‘Leading from the Back’©.

New venture – Pearson Management Consultants Limited

In this, his new venture, Bill is seeking to establish and grow a cohort of like-minded individuals and business partners that can support SMEs in Cheshire, NW England, Wales in any sector where a business team is facing a challenge or opportunity that can benefit from a systematic approach that focuses on profit improvement and value creation.

Growth and Improvement

  • business appraisal
  • investment cases
  • cost management
  • profitability analysis
  • efficiency projects
  • measurement and control
  • project management


  • going from ‘A’ to ‘B’
  • assessing ‘A’
  • defining ‘B’
  • plotting the route
  • managing the change
  • achieving outcomes
  • programme management