Bill Pearson

Business Transformation

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I thrive on guiding individuals and teams towards their objectives. My blend of coaching, management consultancy, and genuine desire to help form a unique skill-set and approach which I call ‘Leading from the Back TM’. Guiding an individual or a team towards a clearly defined objective, supporting them in their improvement work and keeping them focused form the basis of this approach. I use appropriate tools and techniques depending on the complexity of the assignment, but largely draw on my 30 years of experience in helping businesses and people to thrive and to change successfully. In particular I adopt the required leadership style for the specific situation – called Situational Leadership – but my objective is to be always ‘at the back’. “The client owns the business and the problem; they are responsible for correcting and improving it. My role is to ensure they do and to help as required. Once they have mastered it, I can leave”.

My experience covers many sectors and my true skill lies in my ability to get others to attain their desired change. I contribute technically based on my wide functional and multi-sector experience as well as using my abilities as an analyst. I pass on these skills and experiences enriching the people I work with. “Business is about people and numbers” and I align them both in the pursuit of successful change.