David Smart

Interim Improvement Executive (MD, HRD, COO)

david smart management consultant bio

David has worked at a senior level in both the Public and Private Sectors. He initially trained as a Production Engineer and had early management experience in Quality, Mechanical, Electrical and Production Engineering.

In his subsequent career he has often worked with companies who are in some form of crisis. He has gained an enviable reputation for being able to solve challenging problems. He focusses on improving the productivity and effectiveness of organisations through the analysis, identification and elimination of waste in all its forms. He is sensitive to the cultural and environmental conditions that exist within organisations and works to ensure that solutions are tailored and appropriate. Members of staff are actively engaged in the development of solutions to ensure buy in and rapid deployment. These solutions aim to deliver the twin goals of cost reductions and performance improvement.

In his interim work he has worked as a Managing Director, Operations Director and Human Resources Director. Notable achievements include the implementation of revised organisational structures and new ways of working in a service company, turnaround of failing manufacturing businesses, restructuring of a logistics organisation, review and implementation of a revised pay and benefits package in a subsidiary of a listed plc.

David supports PMC’s clients by working at the coal-face driving through change. He is a very commercial Profit Ninja, has a wide experience in helping SMEs to grow, has a broad experience as a management consultant improving businesses and acts as the agent of transformation on the ground.