New Blood Injected into Thriving Consultancy

Bill Pearson, Managing Director of Pearson Management Consultants has recently partnered with a local professional, Elizabeth Pritchard to help grow and transform SME’s in the North Wales and the North West by combining their specialist skills. Elizabeth has joined Pearson Management Consultants as Business Development Manager & Consultant, responsible for business development activities on behalf... Read More

New Public Sector Clients & Current Ones Including Three Manufacturers, A Visitor Attraction and an International Fashion Brand

The Winter to Spring transition has seen a shift in clients as work completes, new clients on-board, and follow on work with existing ones develops a brilliant project, perfectly executed and transparent to us in terms of schedule, risks, budgets and benefits Three manufacturers in North Wales who have made significant improvements during their initial... Read More

Summer to Autumn Transition, New Clients, Follow on Work and more

The Summer to Autumn transition has also seen a shift in clients as work completes, new clients on-board, or follow on work with existing ones develops. Three manufacturers in North Wales who, having improved productivity over the summer following advice, now wish to embed the improvements achieved in a more rigorous approach to production management... Read More

Its Time to Transform your Business with Management Consultancy Assistance

Clients are increasingly taking action to transform their businesses and requesting coaching and consultancy support for their different change programmes. Fears over the future, caused predominantly by external factors, has focused minds; devaluing pound, increasing interest rates, Brexit, difficulty finding good people, falling demand; and many owners are now taking big steps to ‘get in... Read More

Profitable Wire and Cable Operations – June 2018

This article describes the management processes that are required in a manufacturing environment to ensure that the application of technology in the pursuit of manufacturing 4.0 is profitable and effective.  It draws on the technical infrastructure provided by Cimteq Ltd to the Wire and Cable industry but many of the principles are applicable to the... Read More

Current Management Consulting Assignments

Clients are facing much uncertainty at the moment! Many of them are facing or are proactively implementing changes to their business models. Some are major structural changes requiring programmes of business transformation. None are short of ambition, all see uncertainty as opportunity and all are striving for growth. Three clients epitomise the climate; A professional... Read More

Turnaround in Indiana 1999-2000

In October 1999 I arrived at a desperate situation in Marion, Indiana.  An ageing, unloved, failing factory.  25% of the workforce were laid off on my first day.  I met the Plant Lead and the Unions together.  Told them the turnaround process, the business transformation began and I kept to my promises.  It thrived. Enthusiasm... Read More

Does our plan make sense? (August 2017)

One of the most frequent issues that I advise up on is whether or not a plan of change for a business makes sense. This article considers the assessment of plans and how businesses can test their veracity. Does our plan make sense

Successful acquisitions and mergers (July 2017)

Acquisitions and mergers involve much excitement, a lot of adrenalin, high emotions and tremendous opportunities: Opportunities to create value and to destroy it.  They are rarely friendly transactions, at least at the end. Egos and rose-tinted glasses can prove to be major risks that can lead to serious issues down-stream. Directors, financiers and advisors involved... Read More