Who’s it for? Small businesses

As Growth Coaches and Profit Ninjas we boost a small business by improving its sales, pricing, direct costs and overheads. We:

  • improve productivity, customer service and opportunities to increase profit
  • identify and address weaknesses and risks
  • support owners and managers with their improvements
  • transfer skills and experience so we can move on and help others

Contract type: Fixed price. Fixed scope. Shared goals.

Duration: Assignments typically require a small number of days or hours and take a few weeks to complete – this work is rarely full-time.

Cost: £350-550 per day or £45-70 per hour depending on the mix of skills and experience required.. Engagements are limited to a maximum of £3,500 to ensure value is constantly provided.

Benefits: We expect to achieve x5 our cost in benefits

Payment terms: Fortnightly billing in arrears, immediate settlement.