Business improvement

Business Improvement has been a major part of Bill’s history. Over several years he was the driving force behind improvements at an International manufacturing business in the Wire and Cable sector. He, and his teams

  • Completed business turnaround projects in several wire and cable plants in Europe and the USA with typically 50% improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) leading to $5-7m per year improvements in profit
  • Implemented process control systems on extrusion plant and equipment that processed the greatest volumes of raw materials to reduce scrap and overusage
  • Introduced Statistical Process Control (SPC) on key plant
  • Modernised maintenance practices in many facilities
  • Prepared capital investment plans to develop and expand existing facilities to meet the projected demands of new products and markets

Work on Operations has also extended into

  • Retail
  • Home Shopping
  • Engineering Aftermarket
  • Plant Hire and Plant and Equipment supply

The principles of programme and project management described elsewhere on this site, coupled with a knowledge of operational processes and their improvement translate perfectly to the fulfilment operations of retail businesses – be they ‘bricks and mortar’ or ‘digital home delivery’.