Business Transformation Specialists

Business transformation takes many forms but it usually leads to a significant change in structure, location, processes, markets and customers.

Approaching business transformation in a thoughtful and controlled way should be a pre-requisite for any business that is considering this degree of change. Sadly many do not heed this advice and as a result a high proportion of business transformation programmes fail to deliver the expected results. Most often this is due to late implementation, under targeting and over costs. In some cases this leads to the total failure of the business — change does after all bring with it risk.

A business transformation meeting with our specialist

Why does our business need a transformation specialist?

A business will require the services of a business transformation specialist when it starts to fail. Early signs of a business failing are falling sales, reduced profit, low productivity or all of these combined. The main causes are almost always external market changes resulting in outdated products and services, funding stream changes, increased competition or new regulations.

How does my business transformation service work?

My detailed and pragmatic approach to business transformation ensures that opportunity and risk are balanced with clear decision points providing control and governance of the change. I have many years of experience supporting change of many types.

My key tasks & methods:

  • Help for Management Teams
  • Teaching Managers to Change Practices
  • Business Plan Development for Owners
  • Risks Investigated at the Outset
  • I am Friendly & Engaging

teaching practice changes for managers

I help management teams to move from A to B in a manner that minimises risk while delivering targeted goals. My style is supportive and responsive, assisting managers through the process of change while teaching them how to master it. I call this ‘Leading from the Back’.

I develop plans with business owners, both financial and action oriented, that enable a clear connection between cost and benefit. Testing the business case for any type of transformation is crucial and is often missed by busy managers.

My experience enables me to ensure that the risks and potential did-benefits of any change are thoroughly investigated at the outset. This can lead to changes to the proposed change but more usually it just adds actions in to the plan that will provide check points and reassurance.

I ensure owners implement the plans using a style that is suited to their character and needs, while also completing my own actions where required. I am friendly and engaging, yet persuasive and motivating.

I know when and how to apply the right kinds of pressure to drive a busy owner manager to a new level of performance. My style is supportive and responsive, assisting managers through the process of change while teaching them how to master it.

I call this ‘Leading from the Back’

A friendly business advisor for your company

A Friend and a Trusted Advisor

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is an Internationally recognised approach that, when applied effectively by experienced practitioners, ensures that stakeholders can exert the required controls to ensure that their requirements are met – and that the frequent and expected deviations are managed with the required results firmly in the ‘cross-hairs’.

production technician

I have applied MSP in many situations

  • to support the evolution to a digital strategy of a traditional media group
  • to define the new, International operating model of a major company in Oil and Gas
  • to define the Transformation Programme of a UK Government Department
  • to transform the project delivery performance of an engineering company supplying the Nuclear sector with capital plant
  • to dramatically shrink an International manufacturing company to a smaller, lower cost footprint
  • to consolidate businesses, and acquisitions in to revised geographic footprints

Restructuring January 2017  This paper on restructuring provides some context for the use of Programme Management, specifically Managing Successful Programmes, as a management tool.