Turnaround in Indiana (Oct 1999/2000)

In October 1999 I arrived at a desperate situation in Marion, Indiana.  An ageing, unloved, failing factory.  25% of the workforce were laid off on my first day.  I met the Plant Lead and the Unions together.  Told them the turnaround process and kept to my promises.  It thrived.  Enthusiasm returned, as did the 25%. ... Read More

Does our plan make sense? (August 2017)

One of the most frequent issues that I advise up on is whether or not a plan of change for a business makes sense. This article considers the assessment of plans and how businesses can test their veracity. Does our plan make sense

Successful acquisitions and mergers (July 2017)

Acquisitions and mergers involve much excitement, a lot of adrenalin, high emotions and tremendous opportunities: Opportunities to create value and to destroy it.  They are rarely friendly transactions, at least at the end. Egos and rose-tinted glasses can prove to be major risks that can lead to serious issues down-stream. Directors, financiers and advisors involved... Read More

Restructuring (Jan 2017)

This paper describes the process that a business goes through when undertaking a restructuring.  It is hoped that Executives who are considering, are on the brink of, or are implementing a restructuring will find it useful.  It is based on the author’s many and various experiences of the process.  It provides some suggestions for the content... Read More

Creating a change programme (April 2017)

This paper provides a practical guidance on some of the critical aspects of launching and designing a change programme.  Bill has created many different programmes of change over his career. This paper reflects on them and provides tips and advice in their design, mobilisation and progression. Creating a change programme April 2017