Stabilising performance (Dec 2016)

This short paper on stabilising performance reflects on the often difficult situation that can exist in a failing business.  The skills required to effect a positive intervention are described.  It distils the experience of three decades of business turn-around work into a few key aspects.  It focuses on the improvement of performance using fact based management operated... Read More

Developing an improvement capability (March 2017)

This paper capture Bill’s experiences of creating improvement teams and corporate improvement capabilities.   This is a “must read” for Executives who are wrestling with lethargic improvements or who are facing a major change in their business that they want to address affordably. Developing internal capabilities focused on business improvement leads to change programmes that are based on... Read More

Involving everyone (May 2017)

True transformation affects all employees.  No one’s daily work life should remain the same.  People have to be involved to different degrees and in different ways.  But how to achieve this ?  Bill describes his practical experience. A must read for any senior manager that is frustrated with the pace of change in an organisation where... Read More