Celebrating our Third Anniversary

The business celebrated its third anniversary in May 2019, turnover and profitability both saw gains year-on-year and in the last year we worked for 22 clients, which is also an increase

pearson management consultants website home page

In May our new website went live pearsonmc.uk with new product offerings. The free resources were also enhanced https://pearsonmc.uk/category/white-papers. Anyone planning a change would do well to browse the white papers and if there are any queries we would be delighted to discuss them.

The Spring to Summer transition has seen a shift in client mix to the service sector as work completes, new clients on-board, and follow on work with existing ones develops.

  • Work at two manufacturing clients completed in May with KPIs established and new daily, weekly, monthly review processes bedded in.
  • A new manufacturing client wants to focus on quality, specifically in process testing to ensure failures are captured earlier in the process.
  • Support at a visitor attraction has migrated from scoping and planning to execution. An exciting 3-year programme lies ahead and the framework for change is well established. A short-term project is focusing on profitability of its café. We are helping to prepare the business to source funding for the proposed changes
  • A new client in the healthcare market commissioned a review of the culture in the business and the development of an approach for challenging an already engaged workforce with assisting in the growth of the business.

The management consultancy support that these clients require has a number of common elements;

  • The management teams are unsure of their capacity and capability and require part-time, focused support to keep them on track: this requires a blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring tuned to the individuals and the team and evolving as their skills and the situation develop
  • The creation of a clear road-map and a detailed schedule of activities from start to finish that enables the phased costs and benefits to be modelled and managed
  • The implementation of a management process for the change that aligns managers and their teams on common, shared objectives
  • An early, yet continuous focus on the risks and opportunities and their management.

This type of support requires an experienced professional that can draw on a range of experiences and tools. Listening to clients, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and developing an approach that is customised to this complex blend of factors ensures value for money but most importantly the design of an intervention that helps rather than hinders progress. We are experienced coaches and consultants. Our abilities have been borne from three decades of supporting change in hundreds of situations. But our mantra of ‘We are only as good as our last project’ and ‘our current projects are the most important ones we have ever done’ drive us on to do the very best for our clients. Our current clients are our judges and it is them we have to satisfy – every time.

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