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Cimteq Limited – Performance improvement in Wire and Cable

Cimteq Limited delivers innovative software products and services to the global Cable Manufacturing Industry that add value by increasing efficiency, improving quality, decreasing lead times and reducing costs.

Working in collaboration with Cimteq Limited we provide performance improvement consultancy support to the wire and cable industry targeted at manufacturing, operations and technical personnel. This article describes how a focus on management techniques combined with an investment in manufacturing technology can lead to a sustainable, transformation of productivity and the elimination of waste.
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We raise awareness for managers, supervisors and engineers in functional teams of the integrated approach that is required to transform operational performance. Often teams will attempt to optimise aspects of technical and production management that are under their direct control without considering the consequences or opportunities of a more integrated approach. Prioritising improvement effort on the aspects that give the best medium and long-term benefits should be the role of management.  Our approach focuses on specific aspects of management.

Technical management

  • Understanding technical constraints

Operational Excellence

  • Minimising material waste
  • Maximising asset productivity

Cable strategy

  • Effective production management and control
  • Effective planning
  • Digital manufacturing

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