Coaching & Mentoring

Bill is an accredited Growth Coach.

There are many aspects to coaching and mentoring. Situational leadership – adapting a leadership style to the situation presented – is a key technique for defining the style and manner of an intervention with a business owner or leadership team.  Bill’s wide business experience, his ability to mobilise and align people on a focused agenda, and a style that actively supports managers and their teams in their work is a unique combination which he describes as leading from the back.

One-to-one sessions with managers and executives improve their performance and, as a result, their teams improve too. This very personal, tailored approach, can only be provided by experienced, compassionate individuals that seek to make their clients successful – both in work and often outside it. Most change ‘situations’ bring with them many, very individual issues, that left unresolved can de-rail any plan. The ‘health and strength’ of the individuals is paramount to a business making progress.

Leading and managing change is an established toolkit – more than just facilitation – but having the same basic mantra of ‘a facilitator leaves no footsteps’: To ensure that success is achieved by the client and not us.

  • Bill has supported individuals such as; Owner manager, Operations Director; Site Director; Director, Business Improvement; Managing Directors; Chairman
  • Worked with businesses to help them to grow profitably
  • He regularly supports more junior ‘ high-performers’ in the roles they are chosen to fulfil in projects and programmes. Bringing on the next tranche of managers and ensuring they succeed
  • Bill has coached his own teams many times and helped to develop new consultants and internal improvement teams