Growth across our range of services

The work we did in the Spring to align our consultancy offerings with our different target markets has paid off. 2019 was planned as a year of growth and sales in 2019/20 are forecast to exceed those of 2018/19 by 10%. We are also on track to have supported 50% more clients, so widening the base. Some highlights;

Boost – for smaller businesses to drive growth

  • Supporting the MD of a Healthcare business to plot a route to growth, potentially doubling the business in 3 years. This involves a quarterly planning meeting of several hours 1-2-1, checkpoints along the way and monitoring of agreed KPIs
  • Reviewing the strategy of a recruitment agency in North Wales and advising on ways to grow and improve profit
  • Advising a tourist destination in North Wales on its approach to growing visitor numbers and profit , which in 2019 could be around £50K

Improve – for medium sized businesses to unblock specific issues

  • Coaching the management team of a manufacturing business to get a grip on quality which had become a significant issue in the Summer of 2019. Processes and vigilance have been strengthened over a 5 month, part-time engagement. There is evidence that improvement is occurring but most importantly the most frequently occurring root causes are being addressed. Support is now less frequent and remote but a watching brief on the KPIs is being held.
  • Over two years we have been supporting a manufacturer to improve productivity and 30% more product is now regularly being made through the same asset base. There remains much to do and focus is now switching to streamlining the admin and planning process

Transform – for large businesses to manage changes to their business models

  • The fashion house we supported in 2018-19 to exit retail has continued to make good progress in it improvements in on-line customer service and reductions in its ‘cost per order’. Discussions to support a change in its warehousing and fulfilment processes are on hold awaiting news on Brexit and tariffs
  • We are supporting a large, multi-site manufacturer to define its approach to manufacturing excellence which is now entering a more detailed phase following which a detailed programme plan will be prepared bottom-up from each site and rolled-up to provide a platform for prioritisation and governance
  • We are in discussions with another manufacturer advising on its approach to transforming its foot-print through consolidation

Manufacturers Alliance

In October 2019 it was announced that I had been appointed as the Co-Chairman of the North Wales Manufacturers Alliance This group of 14 leaders of manufacturing businesses will support each other in this peer-to-peer approach to business growth and personal, leadership development. The group is being recruited, is now 50% subscribed, and will ‘kick-off’ from the end of March 2020.

Our type of support requires an experienced professional that can draw on a range of experiences and tools. Listening to clients, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and developing an approach that is customised to this complex blend of factors ensures value for money but most importantly the design of an intervention that helps rather than hinders progress. My abilities have been borne from three decades of supporting change in hundreds of situations. I seek to “guide your business to a better outcome” and I am highly skilled at it – never failing to add-value, give a different perspective and put you on a route that you agree with.

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