Growth Coaching

I am an accredited Growth Coach based in North West England. I am currently supporting multiple SMEs across the UK, with the latter being funded by the Accelerated Growth Programme.

Listening and questioning, before proposing ideas or solutions is a vital part of the coaching process. Understanding the personal and business objectives of a client is at the root of all successful engagements. I have worked with over 100 companies over my career as a growth coach. I have developed the ability to quickly understand issues at all levels. I draw on my multi-sector, multi-business experience and my extensive contacts across the UK and Internationally to research and develop solutions.

Supporting Owners Managers & SMEs

As a Growth Coach in Cheshire and North Wales I support owner managers and SMEs with one to one coaching focused on growing turnover and value. I have an in depth knowledge of a wide range of sectors, many years of experience and a high-quality contact network that I can usually draw on for specific, additional support.

My approach usually centres around the owners, or most senior managers, and I assess the situation from a business and an individual perspective. Routes to growth are many and varied and I work closely with the business to develop a growth oriented action plan with clear milestones and objectives.

growth coach meeting with clients

Developing Financial Action Plans

I develop plans with owners; financial and action oriented ones; that enable a clear connection between investment and benefit. Ensuring owners implement the plans using a style that is suited to their character and needs is essential. This along with completing my own actions where required. You will discover I am friendly and engaging, yet persuasive and motivating – “persistent” is frequently used when describing me.

In my growth coach capacity I know when and how to apply the right kinds of pressure to drive a busy owner manager to a new level of performance. My style is supportive and responsive, assisting managers through the process of change while teaching them how to master it. I call this ‘Leading from the Back’.

A Growth Coach, Friend and a Trusted Advisor

An important element of growth coaching is the assessment of a business current plans and ideas.  My article; Does our plan make sense? describes the process that I follow.

Situational Leadership — Leading from the back

There are many aspects to coaching and mentoring.  Situational leadership – adapting a leadership style to the situation presented – is a key technique for defining the style and manner of an intervention with a business owner or leadership team.  My wide business experience, ability to mobilise and align people on a focused agenda, and a style that actively supports managers and their teams in their work is a unique combination which I describe as ‘leading from the back’.

One-to-one Growth Coaching Sessions

My sessions with managers and executives improve their performance. As a result, their teams improve too. This very personal, tailored approach, can only be provided by experienced, compassionate individuals. My colleagues and I seek to make our clients successful both in work and outside it.

Most change ‘situations’ bring with them many, very individual issues. If left unresolved these issues can de-rail a growth coaching plan. The ‘health and strength’ of the individuals is paramount to a business making progress.

Leading & Managing Change

Leading and managing change is an established toolkit. Its more than just facilitation, it has the same basic mantra of ‘a facilitator leaves no footsteps’. This ensures that success is achieved by the client using the skills I have passed on through my growth coaching.

  • I have supported individuals such as; Owner manager, Operations Director; Site Director; Director, Business Improvement; Managing Directors; Chairman.
  • Worked with businesses to help them to grow profitably.
  • I regularly support more junior ‘ high-performers’ in the roles they are chosen to fulfil in projects and programmes. Bringing on the next tranche of managers and ensuring they succeed.
  • I have coached and developed my own teams many times and helped to develop new consultants and internal improvement teams.