Who’s it for? Mature businesses

As Management Consultants to improve business performance we:

  • consult with key staff
  • analyse data and confirm facts
  • create a consensus for the priorities
  • create a clear link between the proposed actions and their benefits
  • support the owner and management team in mobilising themselves and their staff on the agreed improvement actions,
  • maintain momentum through quiet persuasion
  • coach key staff as required to be successful
  • transfer skill and experience so we can move on and help others
  • measure results and ensure benefits are achieved
  • celebrate successful outcomes

Contract type: Analysis and Implementation phases: Fixed price. Fixed scope.

Cost: depending on skills required our blended rate is typically £750/day.

  • A detailed full analysis of a medium-sized business costs between £5,000 and £20,000 depending on scale and scope
  • Implementation support is broken down into small engagements of between 6 and 8 weeks. Cost is dependent on scope and up to 30% of the fees can be linked to the attainment of a few, key deliverables.

Payment terms: Fortnightly billing in arrears, payable within two weeks.