Management Consultants

With management consultant experience in Cheshire and North Wales spanning more than 20 years I am used to advising clients on a wide range of business issues.

The verb ‘consult’ meaning, to seek information or advice from, requires the consultant to be a good listener, intelligent and curious, engaged and thoughtful. For me being a management consultant is a vocation. I give my best to a clients in Cheshire, North Wales and beyond every time.

management consultant meeting client first time

Honesty about what I do and don’t know is, to me, a fundamental part of my style – I don’t want clients to waste there money on ill-conceived advice. I work with clients to develop solutions to problems, I do not dictate or turn up with preconceived notions. Listening, thinking, challenging, processing and proposing are key attributes of my approach.

Supporting Businesses

I have supported many businesses in various sectors, often during periods of significant change. I understand the business context of change programmes and improvements and their technical requirements. Many consulting practices are strong on methodology but weak on business knowledge but the two should go ‘hand-in-hand’ for an appropriate intervention to be designed and implemented. I have;

  • Provided SMEs and OMBs with appropriate solutions for the main problems they face
  • Supported multiple post-acquisition integrations and post-acquisition improvement initiatives
  • Supported an energy company in a commercial bid for a complex multi-year fuel contract
  • Transformed the performance of a supplier of capital equipment to the Nuclear sector and then managed its controlled down-sizing
  • Analysed and proposed radical changes to the way the ‘indirect population’ of a multi-divisional, International aerospace company uses the ‘non-core’ time of its staff
  • Defined the ‘perfect’ site blueprint for an engineering company to aid it in its selection of a new location

management consultant shop floor

This paper Creating a change programme April 2017 describes the essential elements in the approach for developing a change programme.