New business roundup

The Winter to Spring transition has seen a shift in clients as work completes, new clients on-board, and follow on work with existing ones develops

visitor attraction cafe north wales

a brilliant project, perfectly executed and transparent to us in terms of schedule, risks, budgets and benefits

  • Three manufacturers in North Wales who have made significant improvements during their initial engagements in 2018 have identified new areas to focus on. Output at one is 20% up. KPIs and goals have been created, and tracking is in place. My job now is to encourage systematic and rigorous focus on facts and the resolution of root causes. I always take the greatest reward in this phase with a client as they demonstrate an understanding of all that I have tried to teach them.
  • A new manufacturing client wants to focus on optimising the use of existing production management and monitoring systems to drive efficiency up, possibly by 25%.
  • Transformation at the multi-channel, fashion brand I am supporting for twelve months is now 85%. On 6th March the last of 28 stores around the World will close. Feedback from the German owners was “a brilliant project, perfectly executed and transparent to us in terms of schedule, risks, budgets and benefits”. KPIs and outcomes is our focus to ensure the desired result is demonstrably achieved by end April.
  • Support at a visitor attraction has migrated from scoping and planning to execution. An exciting 3-year programme lies ahead and the framework for change is well established. A short-term project is focusing on profitability of its café.

New Public Sector Clients

In addition, two tender submissions have been made to public sector bodies on support for change. There are also two emerging prospects; one in food, one in defence; that want to create a capability for change management including the creation of Programme Management Offices and a potential factory relocation.

The management consultancy support that these clients require has a number of common elements;

  • The management teams are unsure of their capacity and capability and require part-time, focused support to keep them on track: this requires a blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring tuned to the individuals and the team and evolving as their skills and the situation develop.
  • The creation of a clear road-map and a detailed schedule of activities from start to finish that enables the phased costs and benefits to be modelled and managed.
  • The implementation of a management process for the change that aligns managers and their teams on common, shared objectives
    An early, yet continuous focus on the risks and opportunities and their management.

This type of support requires an experienced professional that can draw on a range of experiences and tools. Listening to clients, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and developing an approach that is customised to this complex blend of factors ensures value for money but most importantly the design of an intervention that helps rather than hinders progress.

I am an experienced coach and consultant. My abilities have been borne from three decades of supporting change in hundreds of situations. But my mantra of ‘I am only as good as my last project’ and ‘my current projects are the most important ones I have ever done’ drives me on to do the very best for my clients. I don’t talk about past successes, I don’t reminisce about the past to demonstrate how good I am. My current clients are my judges and it is them I have to satisfy.

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