Private Equity

Private Equity investors want results, and want them on time – or quickly to be more precise. Their focus is on increasing value and generating cash. Quickly establishing the improvement agenda, effectively mobilising the team and rigorously and persistently implementing changes is a core requirement for any investment.

Bill’s wide business experience, coupled with the ability to mobilise and align everyone on a focused agenda, to actively support managers and their teams in their work is a unique combination which he describes as ‘leading from the back’. This style is well suited to situations where an incumbent owner, or new business leader, is ‘offered’ support by their new investors – they still want to control things but the investors need to see value growing.  He is also not averse to ‘telling how it is’ to the investors and the managers – but in a supportive and friendly style coupled with a high-level of gravitas. He is a ‘safe pair of hands’ …. ‘someone you can trust’ …. ‘a friend’. Bill  has

  • reversed the operational strategy following an acquisition by challenging fundamental pre-deal analysis to create a better plan; greater certainty, potentially higher long-term benefits, lower cost and risk
  • turned around the performance of the poorest factory in a multi-site industrial acquisition in North America in such a way that three years later it was one of ‘America’s best factories’
  • completed several business turnarounds over three years as Vice-President, Business Improvement at a multi-national manufacturing company
  • integrated several home-shopping businesses into the host businesses infrastructure over three years
  • worked with an owner managed business that ultimately was awarded a Queens Award for Technological Achievement