Productivity Transformation

Productivity transformation has been a major part of my career. Over several years I was the driving force behind improvements at an International manufacturing business in the Wire and Cable sector. Me and my teams have perfected the process of productivity transformation over the years. It requires someone with a bias for action and change and that is me.  It is only by taking action and changing something that results are achieved.  Actions not words.

productivity transformation 2

  • Completed business turnaround projects in several wire and cable plants in Europe and the USA with typically 50% improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) leading to $5-7m per year improvements in profit
  • Implemented process control systems on extrusion plant and equipment that processed the greatest volumes of raw materials to reduce scrap and overusage
  • Introduced ‘minimum designs’ and ‘reverse engineering’ as standard practices in commodity cable factories to minimise material usage
  • Introduced Statistical Process Control (SPC) on key plant
  • Modernised maintenance practices in many facilities
  • Prepared capital investment plans to develop and expand existing facilities to meet the projected demands of new products and markets
  • In July 2018 achieved a 100% improvement in OEE from 32% to 64% – doubling output – at a stone cutting factory in North Wales.

Productivity Transformation Work on Operations extends into

  • Retail
  • Home Shopping
  • Engineering Aftermarket
  • Plant Hire and Plant and Equipment supply

productivity transformation 1

The principles of programme and project management described elsewhere on this site, coupled with a knowledge of operational processes and their improvement translate perfectly to the fulfilment operations of retail businesses – be they ‘bricks and mortar’ or ‘digital home delivery’.