Programme Management

Approaching a large-scale change in a thoughtful and controlled way should be a pre-requisite for any business. Sadly many do not and as a result a high proportion of changes fail to deliver the expected results; at all, late, under target, over cost; and in some cases lead to the total failure of a business. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is an Internationally recognised approach that, when applied effectively, ensures that stakeholders can exert the required controls to ensure that their requirements are met – or that the frequent and expected deviations are managed.

Bill has applied MSP in many situations

  • to support the evolution to a digital strategy of a traditional media group
  • to define the new, International operating model of a major company in Oil and Gas
  • to define the Transformation Programme of a UK Government Department
  • to transform the project delivery performance of an engineering company supplying the Nuclear sector with capital plant
  • to dramatically shrink an International manufacturing company to a smaller, lower cost footprint

Restructuring January 2017  This paper on restructuring provides some context for the use of Programme Management, specifically Managing Successful Programmes, as a management tool.