It’s Time to Transform your Business with Management Consultancy Assistance

Clients are increasingly taking action to transform their businesses and requesting coaching and consultancy support for their different change programmes.

Fears over the future, caused predominantly by external factors, has focused minds; devaluing pound, increasing interest rates, Brexit, difficulty finding good people, falling demand; and many owners are now taking big steps to ‘get in shape’. None are short of ambition, all see uncertainty as opportunity, and all are striving for growth.

My work is focused in two main areas at the moment; supporting owner managers/SMEs to develop transformational, multi-year business plans and secondly implementing transformational change programmes to provide step changes in efficiency.

A selection of clients that epitomise climate are;

  • Two manufacturers in North Wales who are striving to double output from their existing resources, and my analysis has shown them how. Striving to generate sustainable change from within using business wide coaching to initiate and sustain significant improvement
  • An own brand retailer who has asked for support to assess whether franchising is a route to growth and also wants to understand the investment required in its supply-chain. This is very much one-to-one coaching, as the owner has never tackled something this complex, combined with a large dose of consultancy and research
  • A multi-channel, fashion brand with a global reach that has made a strategic decision to rationalise its routes to market and is now five months into a twelve-month programme. Support with programme and project management is being combined with some process re-engineering and an upgrading of its use of business information for a simpler, more dynamic on-line, direct offering
  • A visitor attraction that is seeking to double visitor numbers necessitating both an acquisition and a multi-year investment programme that requires careful research and planning to ensure that it generates positive cash-flow as early as possible
  • A professional services business that is developing a bolt-on service line to promote diversification but also new customer acquisition and cross-selling. This requires the design and development of the new service as well as changes in behaviour within the core business.

The management consultancy support that these clients require has a number of common elements;

  • The management teams are unsure of their capacity and capability and require part-time, focused support to keep them on track: this requires a blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring tuned to the individuals and the team and evolving as their skills and the situation develop
  • The creation of a clear road-map and a detailed schedule of activities from start to finish that enables the phased costs and benefits to be modelled and managed
  • The implementation of a management process for the change that aligns managers and their teams on common, shared objectives
  • An early, yet continuous focus on the risks and opportunities and their management

This type of support requires an experienced professional that can draw on a range of experiences and tools. Listening to clients, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and developing an approach that is customised to this complex blend of factors ensures value for money but most importantly the design of an intervention that helps rather than hinders progress.

I am an experienced coach and consultant; not someone who after years in business has acquired a branded coaching toolkit. My abilities have been borne from three decades of supporting change in hundreds of situations. But my mantra of ‘I am only as good as my last project’ and ‘my current projects are the most important ones I have ever done’ drives me on to do the very best for my clients.

I don’t talk about past successes, I don’t reminisce about the past to demonstrate how good I am. My current clients are my judges and it is them I have to satisfy.

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