Turnaround in Indiana 1999-2000

In October 1999 I arrived at a desperate situation in Marion, Indiana.  An ageing, unloved, failing factory.  25% of the workforce were laid off on my first day.  I met the Plant Lead and the Unions together.  Told them the turnaround process, the business transformation began and I kept to my promises.  It thrived.

Enthusiasm returned, as did the 25%.  In 2015 it was awarded a ‘Best Factory’ Award and in 2017 was the site of  a $18m investment.  Proud of my input of leadership and hard work and that of the amazing team of professionals that went in with me.

Happy that at least two generations will benefit from high value jobs.

BICC Marion Indiana

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2 thoughts on “Turnaround in Indiana 1999-2000

    1. Gary, You were a key member of the team. Present when we arrived with a developing knowledge of the issues. Along with the other BIT team members and the local staff in Marion and Willimantic the transformation of the performance of the CV lines was a major contributor to the overall turnaround. I am sure the people of Marion, IN will remember us in the future 😉 Bill

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