Who we help

The PMC approach

We are accredited and experienced Growth Coaches, Management Consultants and Business Transformation Specialists. We help:

  • the owners and founders of micro and small businesses with bite-sized, affordable support to provide immediate boosts to profit and cash
  • mature businesses in Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales with hands on, thoughtful execution, of initiatives focused on profit improvement
  • large companies and enterprises, both nationally and internationally to execute programmes of business transformation effortlessly and with precision

No matter what the situation or challenge, we attentively and persistently ensure the specified results are achieved while mitigating the inherent risks. We’re focused on actions, not words. How we work together is up to you, we’re flexible and can work on an interim basis, as management consultants or as coaches depending on your needs. We will always work in an active way to deliver change and positive progress.

We want businesses and their owners to achieve their desired change. We will enable them

  • to do their best
  • to succeed
  • to change

Change is the only way to improve and in many cases failure, rather than success, is the outcome. We don’t want businesses to fail in their attempts at change. We want them to develop and grow. We want leaders and staff to feel great about their individual and collective achievements. We want to create a self-sustaining approach to change that is custom-built for specific individuals and teams, that they can master and re-use. We want to add-value to a business long after we have left and we want to leave as soon as we can – so that the value we provide is maximised.