Large businesses in need of transformation

There comes I time in every large company’s or corporation’s existence that it has to go through major change, change that transforms its size, shape, working methods. Bill has supported many large businesses to attain their transformational objectives and still thoroughly enjoys seeing a business move from A to B – from the current, to a desired state.”

Transformations become necessary for many reasons;

  • acquisitions, divestments and mergers
  • inability to compete
  • expansion in to new territories, or contraction from them
  • dramatic changes to the way business is done
  • introduction of new service lines or routes to market, or their removal

“These are risky moments in the existence of a business. A successfully implemented transformation can lead to further growth, development and enhanced value, a poor one can lead to extinction” Bill observes. For over 10 years Bill has been applying the commercially available methodology of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and this remains his preference. These are some of the critical success factors which form the basis for any engagement:

  • a clear and distinguishable purpose that is aligned with the business’s strategy
  • an investment case
  • active stakeholder management
  • engaged and active governance and leadership
  • a defined approach
  • a schedule and a results plan
  • the right resources; quality and quantity
  • active management of risk and opportunity

large businesses in need of transformation bill pearson
Image by Professional Rebel