Mature businesses in need of improvement

Businesses that get past five years and reach scale often suffer from growing pains, for example.

  • Processes and systems that worked when the business was smaller are creaking
  • Relationships that were simple – usually an owner and their team – are more complex as the managerial structure develops and number of locations increases.
  • The dynamics with customers and suppliers are more stressed and the cause of increased cost and poor service

A combination of many issues leads to reduced profits and a strain on cash. Tensions rise and business is no longer the fun it was. The owner and their management team are focused on satisfying daily business demands and are often fire-fighting which means problems and issues can remain unresolved or are patched up. The business plateaus, growth stalls, profit margins erode and staff turnover increases.

We improve a business by assessing the situation, agreeing a series of improvements and help with their implementation. We;
create a consensus for the priorities

  • support the owner and management team to get started
  • coach key staff as required to be successful
  • transfer skills and experience so we can move on and help others measure results and ensure benefits are achieved
  • celebrate

Links: white paper on transforming performance, white paper on stabilising performance
Case studies: BICC Business Improvement Team, Marion Indiana

mature businesses improvement
Image by Professional Rebel