Talented owners in need of an affordable boost

Owner managers create their businesses because they are passionate about their products and services, are motivated to share them and enjoy independence. This is a bold step and we hold these individuals in the highest regard. However, 30% of new businesses fail by year two, 50% by year five and 66% by year 10; so increasing survival and creating success is our focus.

We provide owner managers with affordable, bite-sized support that provides quick pay-back and cash generation. Bill oversees and directs all engagements bringing to bear his extensive knowledge and experience – while the Profit Ninja’s provide the bulk of the effort on the ground. This combination makes available top-class consulting skills and experience that typically would cost ££££ to be provided at the affordable cost of £350 per day or £45 per hour. Assignments typically require a small number of days or hours and take a few weeks to complete – this work is rarely full-time.

We boost a business by improving its sales, pricing, direct costs and overheads. We

  • assess and improve productivity, customer service and opportunities
  • identify and address weaknesses and risks
  • support owners and managers with their improvement projects
  • transfer skills and experience so we can move on and help others